Designated Runner
You pay the entry fee and an active duty or reserve military service member will run the race for you as your Designated Runner! Or, you can enter (and run) yourself and add an extra Designated Runner on your entry. We'll email you with the bib number of your Designated Runner so you can check their results.
When buying an entry for a Designated Runner, there is no need to provide any actual personal information for yourself other than your real email. Simply enter the name of your Designated Entry as (First Name) "Designated", (Last Name) "Entry"
Note: In the event that more people purchase Designated Runner entries than there are actual servicemen or women to compete, then Military Designated Runners may represent multiple persons.
8:30am EDT
$25.00 Race Fee + $2.50 SignUp Fee
Registration ends June 13, 2017 at 11:59pm EDT